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About the Plugins category [Plugins] (1)
gChat for Velocity (unofficial) | A simple cross-server chat plugin [Plugin Releases] (6)
Maintenance | A greatly customizable maintenance plugin [Plugin Releases] (3)
GlobalTab - A tab customization plugin (WIP) [Plugin Releases] (1)
SkinsRestorer - Ability to restore/change skins on servers! [Plugin Releases] (1)
BetterDiscordBridge - Server <~> Discord [Plugin Releases] (5)
VelocityStaffChat [Plugin Releases] (3)
LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin [Plugin Releases] (2)
Neutron | An open-source essential suite for the Velocity proxy [Plugin Releases] (1)
Join Kick | Prevent Velocity's YOU ARE ALREADY CONNECTED TO THIS PROXY by kicking the old you [Plugin Releases] (2)
SimpleSkins - restore skins for offline-mode servers [Upd 24.01.2019] [Plugin Releases] (2)
LANBroadcaster | Broadcast a Minecraft server over LAN [Plugin Releases] (1)
SimpleAutoMessages - auto messages for your proxy [Plugin Releases] (1)
MessageChannel API for plugin messaging channels [Plugin Releases] (2)
BungeeQuack - use the plugins you love with Velocity! [Plugin Releases] (3)
VelocityUtils - useful commands for the Velocity Proxy! [Plugin Releases] (1)
VelocityUuidGetter - Grab a players UUID from the Velocity server [Plugin Releases] (1)