A Short History About Velocity


To kick off the launch of the Velocity forums, I’ve decided to post the story of Velocity so far.

Before Velocity, July 2018

I’ve been around the server community for about six years now. I had a natural progression: confused player, competent player, confused server owner, wiser server owner, confused plugin developer, wise plugin developer, and now a growing Minecraft internal hacker with a focus on the Minecraft protocol.

But I’m not here to talk about my time in the community: that’s worthy of a series of blog posts.

Before Velocity, there was LibertyCord. And before LibertyCord, there was Waterfall. These projects share a common codebase and a common founder, but distinctly different purposes.

Waterfall was spawned in response to md_5’s recalcitrance at adding important bug fixes and features into BungeeCord. Since Waterfall’s founding in January 2016, it has become a very popular supplement for the arsenal of Minecraft server owners all over the world. If you’re familiar with Spigot and Paper, then Waterfall was the Paper to Spigot. I left the Waterfall project in 2017 in an attempt to leave the Minecraft community (an attempt that did not succeed), but remained in place as a leader of the project. I recently transferred Waterfall to the Paper team as the Waterfall development team is now a subset of Paper’s, making it logical to let the Paper project take over the Waterfall project.

I created LibertyCord primarily to experiment with radical changes to the BungeeCord code base. However, after a fateful conversation one day, I decided that the best step was to abandon LibertyCord and start a brand new proxy.

Genesis, July 22, 2018

There was a July day when I decided to open up more about the LibertyCord project in the Paper Discord. Turns out that there was plenty of reason for a new proxy.

I had to think about it for a bit, But I agreed it was a good idea. So I started working on Velocity. There were already missteps, but by early August I had managed to get a minimally-working proxy, By mid-August the proxy had grown an API, and by early September it now sported Forge support, ports of a few popular plugins, and a small but growing community.

The Velocity project was created out of technical concerns, principles, and concern that an alternative proxy solution was needed. But the breaking point for me was Forge support. md_5, the author of BungeeCord, indicated he plans to not support Forge beyond Minecraft 1.12. That meant that only one proxy would possibly support Forge 1.13: Waterfall.

Velocity was created to provide a new option for modded servers, but it is not just for modded servers: Velocity is a next-generation platform that aims to dispense with the mistakes of BungeeCord. Going back to analogies: if Sponge aims to replace Spigot/CraftBukkit and Paper enhances Spigot for those who can’t switch to Sponge, then Velocity aims to replace BungeeCord and Waterfall enhances BungeeCord for those who can’t switch to Velocity.


Today, Velocity has a small but growing community. We have ports of LuckPerms, NuVotifier, ServerListPlus, Plan, and some more plugins unique to Velocity only. We collaborate with the Sponge project and with the Waterfall team.

It’s going to be an amazing adventure.

What brings you to the Velocity community?