An Unfortunate Update on 2.0.0 (and an Exciting Announcement!)

Recently, we announced that the release of Velocity 2.0.0 would be “brought in” to late July. We were anticipating that the release of Minecraft 1.17 was going to take place somewhat later in the year than we thought. It turns out that the release was much closer than we expected, and simply don’t have until late July to bring out a release that will be fully compatible with Mojang’s new Java requirements.

As a result, we are going to be eliminating Velocity 2.0.0 entirely. We cannot guarantee that Velocity 2.0.0 would be the quality release we would have wanted. As a result, we plan to release a new version of Velocity, specifically Velocity 3.0.0. Velocity 3.0.0 is a much less radical release and we expect most plugins developed against the Velocity 1.1.x API and do not use deprecated methods to generally work. However, we will be bringing in selected changes from 2.0.0 to this release, including:

  • Asynchronous event handling support
  • Update to Guice 5 to permanently fix Java 15+ issues
  • Officially removing support for certain invalid components that use legacy formatting instead of being properly deserialized or constructed using the proper Adventure APIs
  • Removal of deprecated command and old component-handling APIs using text
  • Java 11 minimum requirement

Velocity 3.0.0 will otherwise be a continuation of the 1.1.x series, if not in version then largely in spirit. Velocity 3.0.0 will be released sometime in June or July, likely after the release of Minecraft 1.17. We will provide an additional Velocity 1.1.6 release that supports Minecraft 1.17 so that servers are prepared for Minecraft 1.17’s release and do not have to wait for 3.0.0 to be released.

Velocity “Polymer”

What is currently Velocity 2.0.0 will now become Velocity “Polymer”, although the final release version will be 4.0.0. By shipping a more limited release of Velocity sooner, we can move onto “Polymer” which will let us do more radical changes to Velocity whilst keeping the same developer-friendly experience and an even better user experience. Polymer is intended to be a longer-term project, with a focus on making the necessary changes to Velocity to better handle the future direction of Minecraft. Much of what was targeted to Velocity 2.0.0 will now instead target Polymer.

We do not have a set release date for Polymer, so don’t ask us. Polymer will be ready when we feel like it is. At the same time, though, we invite plugin developers to try out the work in Polymer and suggest changes and improvements.

Want to help us?

The primary developer of Velocity would appreciate your sponsorship through GitHub Sponsors.


Apparently this announcement was quite confusing.

Is Velocity 2.0.0 coming out?


Is Velocity being renamed to Polymer?

No. Although Polymer is probably a much cooler name, we won’t deny that.

What is Polymer?

Polymer is a long-term project to make the necessary changes to Velocity to better handle the future direction of Minecraft. It is the name of a development branch.

Why not just update Guice for Velocity 1.1.6?

It breaks Semantic Versioning. And in any event, we promised to bring a release with new features. We’d prefer to not renege on either.

Why not just swap 3.0.0 and 2.0.0?

It’d be just as confusing, if not more so, than just cancelling 2.0.0 entirely.