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Announcer [Velocity]

Make network-wide announcements on your Velocity server.
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This announcer plugin comes with an easy-to-use GUI! Everything is clearly labelled,
and we provide excellent customization for your announcements.

You can customize sounds, titles, subtitles, chat messages, delay all through the GUI!

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Firstly, head over to the release page and
download the latest version of the plugin. Drag the downloaded jar file into your
plugins folder in your Velocity server.

We also require you to install Protocolize - it’s how we are able to provide GUI support!

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Getting Started

It’s pretty simple, once you’ve installed this and Protocolize, you can start your
Velocity server and log on.

Give yourself permission to the /vannouncer command.
We recommend using LuckPerms Velocity.

For LuckPerms, run the following command through your Velocity Server’s console to allow
yourself to be able to modify permissions from in game: lpv user {username} permissions set luckperms.* true

Next you can use the following permission nodes to create and alter announcements:

  • vannouncer.commands.use
  • vannouncer.commands.reload (if you plan on changing the config.yml)

Now you can run /vannouncer in game! If you have followed all steps correctly, you should
see a GUI pop up.

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Create a new Announcement

Open the GUI through /vannouncer, and click the Emerald icon.

You can then use the other icons to modify the Announcement event.

We recommend changing the announcement id to something you can easily identify,
e.g: shop_info. You can do this by clicking the Paper icon and entering a value.

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Distributed under the MIT License.

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MattMX - MattMX#0033

Project Link:

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