AuthMeVelocity | AuthmeReloaded support for Velocity

AuthMeVelocity WorkFlow Status Version

This plugin adds the support for Velocity to AuthMeReloaded


  • Paper, Airplane or Purpur
  • Velocity 3.0.1+
  • Java 16


  • Adds AuthmeReloaded support to Velocity
  • Prevents command execution, server switching, chat and more through Velocity in case the player is not logged in.
  • Send your players to another server after logging in (configurable). Fix AuthmeReloaded problem
  • Get API support for players logged in from Velocity!
  • FastLogin Velocity Support


  1. Download the latest release of the plugin link
  2. Put the jar that ends with “-proxy” in Velocity’s plugins folder
  3. Put the jar that ends with “-spigot” in the Spigot servers that contains AuthMe
  4. Start the Velocity proxy and set up the config.conf with the auth servers

Plugin API

Check the plugin API here


Check the plugin configuration here

This is a fork of the original AuthmeVelocity, which was archived by its author
Credits to Glyart for initiating this plugin.