Best plugin to use as a server selector item/npc on sponge

as the title says, I would like to know what plugin can allow players to choose a server to connect to without using commands on a sponge server.

I already tried the NPC’s plugin which does not work

You could try to use BungeeQuack if you are using a Velocity version below 1.1.0.

Otherwise you should be able to use normal Bungee compatible sponge plugins

Not exactly sure what your looking for here, you can setup a simple hub server several different ways.

  1. Add Catalyst to your Velocity Proxy plugins folder (and configure it)
  2. Send PCs to servers with portals (using Advanced Portal) to execute the Catalyst /server command
  3. OR Send PCs to servers with Citizens NPC click commands to execute the Catalyst /server command <-- This is what I do because I find Advanced portals very anoying to use compared to other portal plugins.