BetterDiscordBridge - Server <~> Discord


BetterDiscordBridge is a Velocity plugin that allows cross communication between Discord and any server connected to your Velocity server!

Current Features

  • Discord to Minecraft chat with config formatting and colour code support.
  • Minecraft to Discord chat with config formatting.
  • Ability to choose between all server posting chat to one discord channel or each having its own channel.

Upcoming Features

  • Mention support
  • Custom game activity
  • Staff Channels
  • And more …

:floppy_disk: Download

:gear: Source

For help setting up the plugin read the guide located here:

For issues or suggestions please go here:


Update adds separate server chats option and ability update the bots game status!

Get the update here:


Update #2
Fixes any issues with previous builds, more config options and 100% working separated server chats.

See the full changelog and get the update here:


Hi! Could you implement the so-called Rich Presence in your plugin? Such a function was implemented in Forge modifications, but not in plugins.


The reason forge mods can do it is because they are a client for a user. RichPresence is a client only discord feature so bots arent able to use it.