BungeeQuack - use the plugins you love with Velocity!

This plugin is deprecated with the impending release of Velocity 1.1.0.

For Historical Purposes

BungeeQuack is a Velocity plugin intended to emulate the BungeeCord plugin messaging channel for the servers on your proxy. In non-technical terms, BungeeQuack allows you to take the plugins that you love today such as ChestCommands and FeatherBoard and use them with Velocity with no configuration changes required!

THIS PLUGIN IS NOT REQUIRED FOR THE DEVELOPMENT VERSION OF VELOCITY, VERSION 1.1.0. Velocity 1.1.0 already integrates BungeeCord plugin messaging channel support by default!

BungeeQuack doesn’t let you run BungeeCord plugins on Velocity. It allows Bukkit/Sponge plugins that communicate with BungeeCord to work with Velocity.

:floppy_disk: Download: https://ci.velocitypowered.com/job/bungeequack/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/build/libs/bungeequack-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
:gear: GitHub: https://github.com/VelocityPowered/BungeeQuack

How to set up BungeeQuack

BungeeQuack is very easy to set up. Simply download the latest version of BungeeQuack, put it in your plugins folder, and then restart Velocity. No more configuration required!

Does this let me use all plugins made for BungeeCord?

If you did not need to install a plugin on your BungeeCord server, it is very likely to work with BungeeQuack. However, BungeeQuack does not and can not emulate the BungeeCord plugin API on Velocity. We strongly suggest finding alternative plugins that are compatible with Velocity.

Don’t work with Litebans or ChestCommands.

Everything works fine. Please keep in mind that BungeeQuack will not load a Bukkit plugin (ChestCommands) or a Bukkit/BungeeCord plugin (LiteBans). It is intended solely to allow servers to use the BungeeCord plugin messaging API.

I can switch servers with ChestCommands, fetch player counts with FeatherBoard, and kicking from the proxy works with LiteBans and bungeecord: true in the LiteBans config.yml.

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Using Velocity #107 or newer? Make sure to update BungeeQuack! A breaking library dependency update in Velocity required a BungeeQuack update.