Catalyst | The largest suite of essential tools for Velocity

Catalyst v0.3.0 has been released! Please read the release notes here

Required : You must be running Velocity 1.1.x, Luckperms v5, and Anvil v0.3 installed for catalyst to function correctly!

Catalyst - The largest suite of essential tools for Velocity. This plugin has it all, from a bridge linking discord and in-game chat to cross-server teleportation, Catalyst can provide all of the proxy requirements you need.

Included in these is a large range of player management features, allowing fully customizable cross-server chat, tablist, and a chat filter. We also allow many server management commands such as /find to locate a player on the proxy, and /info to query a player’s information.


  • Customizable chat with prefixes that can show server and editable chat colors
  • Custom Player Tablist with different colors for different ranks
  • Discord bot linking global and staff in-game chat to Discord channels, and vice-versa
  • Staff Chat for your staff to communicate in-game and in Discord
  • Private Messaging cross-server
  • Customizable MOTD, with a customizable hover message
  • Mute and Ban management that can affect all linked servers
  • Kick troublesome players from any server.
  • Nicknames with color support
  • Broadcast command to broadcast a message to every server on the proxy
  • Join/Leave notifications
  • Customizable chat filter to censor swears to make your servers more child-friendly
  • Find command to see what server a player is on within the proxy
  • Info command to display information about a specific player
  • Teleportation Support
  • Per-Server MOTD and mods
  • Multi-Modpack support! (send connecting players to a specific server, based on A record/SRV Token used when connecting)- no hubs necessary!
  • Emoji Support!

Download Link!

Source Code

More information regarding Catalyst can be found on our Website. If you have any other questions, please consult our Discord

Err, ok. It has some good things, but it seems to be overriding my default chat formatting and making it look ugly.

Chat can be configured to your liking inside of the config. It is under chat.format.message
Also, it is controlled by prefix’s and suffixes in luckperms

I’d still like an option to disable it controlling my chat, I already use other chat plugins with a little bit more flexibility

I will make sure that is in v 0.1.1, I thought it was but appears it is not. Look out for v0.1.1 :slight_smile:

Updated to version 0.1.1:



Fixed console spam when a ping is unsuccessful
Fixed a chance for chat to not be sent to discord
Made mute/ban messages only show easily readable time and not nano-seconds

Version 0.1.2 Released!

Download link in the main post has been updated.


  • Added ViaVersion support
  • Added Emojis (texture pack provided below)
  • Fixed chat color being reset when saying another player name in chat
  • Fixed duration message not displaying properly when banning/muting a player
  • Added a better description of AdvancedServerInfo
  • Removed the long list of swears from the config by default, they can be found below
  • Fixed a bug where the MOTD defined in the Velocity config would be shown instead of the one defined in the Catalyst config
  • Fixed an issue where disabling proxy-chat in the config wouldn’t actually disable it

I’d like if the features were able to be disabled like in essentials on spigot, because the only features I’m really interested in is the discord integration, nicknames, PMing and tablist. The rest I either have better solutions for or would rather just not have.

Would you mind creating an issue on github with all of the features you would like to have a toggle switch? As far as only having nicknames, nicknames require proxy-wide chat to be enabled.

I think I found a bug with the advanced server information settings. It looks like having it set to enabled=true completely removes all servers from the list when doing /server in-game. If I try /server lobby which is a Spigot server running ViaVersion/ViaRewind I get an error:

[Catalyst] Invalid server

However, if I have the advanced server information settings set to enabled=false I lose the MOTD for individual forced hosts (as expected) but doing /server in-game lists all my servers again and /server lobby will successfully connect me to the lobby server.

I’ve tried toggling the ViaVersion between enabled/disabled as well, but there’s no change.

Is this expected behaviour?

That is intended behavior, I need to do some more documentation on the advancedServerInfo but as it stands, it’s more geared toward servers that run multiple modpacks.

If you’d like, you can submit an issue on the github page and we can look at expanding this functionality further in the future.

It would be great if there was a toggle for this. I tend to duplicate my server when testing new mods for my pack, so being able to jump between the live server and test server to compare things would be very convenient.

I don’t think this would be a priority feature for me though, but a nice to have nonetheless. I’ll create an issue on Github for it anyway. Cheers :+1:

Indeed, I also want to add on the fly server registration in the future so that is something that will be looked over once I go to do that. Anyways, thank you for submitting the issue.

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Catalyst v0.2.0 has been released!

New in this version:

  • Command logging
  • More config options
  • New SocialSpy and StaffChat format
  • Safer Luckperms interactions
  • Fixed an error that occurred when a player pinged the proxy and the backend server is offline
  • Added %players% placeholder to the discord Now Playing field
  • Added more discord commands ex. !online, !players, !list

Migrating from 0.1.3 to 0.2.0:

  • Note: You MUST copy your config changes into the new config for Catalyst to function properly.
  1. Copy the existing Catalyst config to another directory
  2. Remove the existing config from the velocity directory
  3. Remove Anvil 0.1.0 and Catalyst 0.1.3 from the plugins folder
  4. Download Anvil 0.2.0 and Catalyst 0.2.0
  5. Update Velocity 1.1.0 to the latest snapshot here
  6. Place all jars in their respective directories, and boot the proxy.
  7. Open both new and old versions of the Catalyst config and copy the fields over.

Catalyst v0.2.1 has been released!

Fixes in this version:

  • Join/Leave spam when the backend server is offline
  • A typo that restricted users from disabling /server
  • StaffChat being broadcasted to the main discord channel
  • StaffChat not working when proxy-wide chat was disabled.

Note: You will need to use Anvil v0.2.1 found here

Download Link

v0.3.0 has been released! Please make a backup of your config and delete it from the folder when updating.

v0.3.0 of Anvil and the latest snapshot of Velocity are required, be sure to update those as well!


Anvil v0.3.0
Catalyst v0.3.0
Luckperms v5


  • Added BungeeCord Support
  • Updated license to LGPL-3.0 (was GPL-3.0)
  • Converted commands to Brigadier
  • Added MiniMessage support to MOTD
  • Added customizable tab ordering (use with caution)
  • Nickname prefix may now be changed in the config
  • Added toggling for MOTD handling
  • Fixed a bug where staff members would show up in the stafflist multiple times
  • Fixed message command throwing an error when used in console
  • Added customizable private message formatting
  • Fixed some typos in the config
  • Added customizable tab formatting (see tab.format.player)

As always, don’t forget to join our discord! We regularly post our updates to the announcements channel (as well as the forums) and provide support in the plugin-specific channels.

v0.3.1 has been released!

  • Removed Custom Command argument that caused login issues on >1.12.2
  • Implemented BungeeCord command suggestions

Note: Anvil 0.3 is still compatible

The plugin looks good, i will give it a try.

This looks great, does it support RGB color codes?

Yes, Catalyst does support RGB

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