ChatRegulator | A global chat regulator for Velocity

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A global chat regulator for Velocity



  • Message control via regex
  • Control of messages sent in specific commands
  • Controls the number of consecutive equal characters allowed
  • Controls the repetition of the same messages or commands several times in a row.
  • Sends warning messages, actionbars o titles to the offender in MiniMessage format


Check the plugin commands from Commands


Check the configuration and function of each option here Configuration

Plugin API

The plugin offers you several methods and events to interact in the detections and with the infraction players. Check the plugin API and its usage at API

Download from

Update 1.4.0

In this update there are several changes to the plugin operation, I recommend you check for more information.

New Commands

Help Command

The /chatregulator help commands have been added along with their subcommands.
When executing the command, it will give you a guide with the functions of the commands available in the plugin.

Clear Command

The /chatregulator clear <server|player> <argument> command has been added with which you can clear the chat of any player, server or your entire network.

New Check

Command Blacklist Check

A new check for blocked commands has been added, now you can block the commands you don’t want to be executed in the blacklist.yml file.

New Messages Configuration

Now messages can be configured in a separate file (messages.yml) from the main configuration.


  • Fixed compatibility with java versions 11-15
  • Fixed a formatting bug when entering commands without arguments. Removed the formatting of commands due to the fact that there can be an infinite number of argument types and problems as a result.

Update 1.5.0

Implement Control Type

Now instead of completely blocking the offending message, the offending message will simply be censored. To activate this, set replace in the flood.control-type or infractions.control-type options.

Unicode Blocker [Beta]

Now you can block uncommon unicode characters. (If there is any suggestion about this, or any character that should not be blocked, let me know to correct it)

Update 2.0.0

In this update there were many changes that will break backward compatibility with previous versions

  • Migrated to Configurate configuration lib
  • Migrated to HOCON config format (.conf)
  • Add coverage test to checks
  • Fixed error on main command execution without arguments
  • Improved configuration with some comments
  • Fixed Flood Check
  • Added Caps check
  • Multi replace violations on Regular, Flood and Caps infractions
  • Added reload command
  • Bump dependencies
  • Improve performance on some listeners
  • Reduced method redundancy
  • Change licence to GPL3

What’s Changed

Full Changelog:

Hotfix Update 2.0.1

Fixed bug in command listener


New update:

ChatRegulator 3.0.0

Implemented Check Results, new Syntax Check, API Builders, Performance improvements and many more things