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What is CraftingStore?

We are a donation platform, build to give all servers (small or big) a chance to receive donations and process them. We offer a very generous bronze (free) plan, that includes all the basics and more to boost your sales to the next level! We do not run advertisements (only a backlink in the footer) on the free plan, and you can create unlimited packages, servers, etc!


Do you have Discord?

Yes! We have a Discord server for CraftingStore, located here;

The plugin

Our plugin supports Spigot, Bukkit, BungeeCord, Sponge, and Velocity.

The price

Our system is mainly free, which offers almost all of the features, but we do have paid for plans, that offer more advanced features, like Gift-cards, HTTPS on your custom domain, priority support and much more!

Current Features

  • Unlimited packages*

  • Unlimited servers*

  • Unlimited coupons*

  • Custom domain

  • Mail when someone donates

  • Automatic payment processing

  • Own domain on every plan.

  • No (google) ads (only a small footer link)

All features: See our plans! (Click)

Payment gateways

  • PayPal

  • Terminal3

  • Paygol

  • PagseGuro

  • Stripe

  • Mollie

  • We’re working on more in the future!


  1. Create an account on

  2. Use our setup tool on the dashboard to create the first Server, package, category.

  3. Download the plugin.

  4. Get the API key from the servers page and enter it in the plugin config.

  5. Setup the rest of the store, and start accepting donations!

Github Link


  • /csv reload -> Reload the config.

  • /csv key -> Sets the key, and reloads the server scheduler.

Permission: craftingstore.admin


You can use a subdomain from our domain or you may link your own custom domain. All subdomains on our own domain have SSL connection. If you want SSL on your own domain, please use the Flexible SSL from Cloudflare, our system will detect this.

Panel screenshots

  • = Fair use, don’t try to make 100+ packages, servers or coupons just because it’s allowed.

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Thank you so much for adding Velocity support for CraftingStore. This will definitely make network management easier.

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[Update] Re-compiled the plugin to support the new Velocity builds due to dependency changes within Velocity.

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