GlobalTab - A tab customization plugin (WIP)

GlobalTab is a plugin which started with the idea of enabling the Tab to show all players across the network, not to be restricted to the local server. It’s still in development and very raw, which means many features are missing, and things like the config system are gonna change soon. (The code needs to be cleaned up a bit).
I’m open to any suggestions, which can be posted here or on the Discord server.
Currently, due to many config change, you need to delete the config file when updating !

Features :

  • Network-wide TabList
  • Prefix / Suffix support with LuckPerms
  • Customizable text per player
  • Custom Footer & Header
  • Custom Tabs Entries
  • Many placeholders (see below)
  • (Upcoming) Animations
  • Informations from the server, through a bridge plugin (ex : The player’s balance)

Links :

Commands :

  • /globaltab reload - Restarts the tab… Can be used if the plugin seems to have issues
  • /globaltab config - Reloads the config file

Infos :
Some features may require the Bridge Plugin to be installed on the server !

Servers added to disabled_servers won’t have the tab.

The player_format defines how a player will be shown in the Tab. The available placeholders are :

  • %suffix% - Will be replaced by the player’s suffix, from LuckPerms
  • %prefix% - WIll be repalced by the player’s prefix, from LuckPerms
  • %username% - Will be replaced by the player’s username
  • %server% - Will be replaced by the player’s current server name

Those are also available for custom tabs & header & footer, which supports in addition :

  • %ping% - Replaced by this player’s ping
  • %playercount% - Replaced by the proxy’s current player count
  • %localplayercount% - Replaced by the current server’s player count
  • %totalmaxplayer% - Replaced by the proxy’s max player count
  • %motd% - Replaced by the proxy’s motd
  • %uuid% - Replaced by the player’s uuid
  • %ip% - Replaced by the player’s ip
  • %balance% - Will be replaced by the player’s balance (Requires the bridge plugin)

How does it look?
Here’s a sample result ! But, remember, it’s far from being done.
Yes, the “Test” user was connected in offline mode just for that picture.

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Very useful and loving it, have it on my own netwrok and it works flawlessly. Although I am curious, does it display players who are in vanish with any plugin or at the very least, have a permission node for certain groups that will disable displaying of the user and count?

I’ll probably add some way not to show a player in the tab. If you want it to be compatible with any specific plugin, which one would that be?

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Mainly Nucleus and EssentialsX if possibly please, I’d very much appreciate it :smiley:

Can you add permission support so that only people with the correct permission can see the altered tab?

Hi, this Plugin doesnt seem to work with LuckPerms 5.0+
GitHub Issue:

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I can port it to LP5, but i’ve already done that on MSEssentials

Nice was actually looking for something like this, thanks :slight_smile:
And the discord invite link is dead xD