How do I configure Velocity?

I see the “forced_host” option in the Velocity configuration file, but I don’t find it in the docs. How should I configure it?Please forgive me, my english is not good.

Hello @Pika_Sama!

There should be sufficient documentation in the velocity.toml. Our documentation has some gaps in it, and I’m busy with other things to update it.

This section of the configuration file allows you to change what servers a player is initially sent to when they join a specific hostname like Here’s a sample configuration:

"" = ["factions", "lobby"]
"" = ["skyblock", "lobby"]

If I try to connect to, it’ll try to send me to factions and failing that, the lobby server. It is similar for

Note that this feature relies on the client sending the correct hostname to Velocity, so getting this to work with SRV records will be difficult.

I hope this helps.