How to disable foreign velocity plugins?

Hey there,

I was wondering how to disable foreign velocity plugins. I wanted to program a reload plugin for the velocity proxy software and i need to disable and completely unload and then load all plugins contained in the plugin folder to do a successful reload.
Any ideas?

I already searched for a solution by myself. I found nothing similar helping. I also tried to develop this with the PluginContainer interface in the velocity proxy api. But it seems like there’s nothing to disable a loaded plugin or something like this.

Best wishes,

First off, your initial premise (a reload command) is already taken care of: ever since the first release, we’ve had /velocity reload as an option.

As for disabling plugins, we are extremely unlikely to dd the functionality to disable Velocity plugins. In general reloading plugins is a bad idea anyways. If your premise is to add a reload command ala Bukkit, read this as time has shown the approach Bukkit took was untenable and unstable.