Infrastructure Upgrades, New Maven Repository, a New Sponsor, and More

Hello everyone! It’s been a busy week for me but we’ve made some pretty substantial upgrades. There are also some other major news for me to report.

Infrastructure Upgrades

The VPSes hosting all the Velocity services have been substantially upgraded. Our main VPS (hosting Jenkins, the website, and Maven repository) has been upgraded to an 8GB/4vCPU plan and our forums VPS was upgraded from a 2GB/2vCPU plan to a 4GB/2vCPU plan. This provides much-needed compute resources for the project.

This upgrade allowed us to upgrade our Maven repository to something enterprise grade, see below for more details. We were also able to upgrade Discourse to the newest version.

New Maven Repository

As of July 4th, Velocity now runs a full Sonatype Nexus instance rather than the “Maven repository-lite” we previously ran. The only user-facing change is that you no longer need to add the Sponge and Minecraft Maven repositories - we mirror the repositories and combine them for you. This has been a common request from plugin developers that use Velocity and it wasn’t possible until now due to monetary constraints (primarily as Sonatype Nexus requires many more resources than our old setup could allow).

As a result,'s snapshots and releases repositories just redirect to We recommend using as the canonical URL to get all Velocity releases and snapshots.

New Sponsor

This wouldn’t be possible without some help. In this case, it is Voldex Services, operators of The Archon, PrimeMC, HoaxMC, and other networks that has generously agreed to assume all costs of operating the Velocity project’s services. They have ~3,000 concurrent players at peak times across all their networks.

Voldex replaced their aging LilyPad-based solution across their networks with one based on Velocity to take advantage of Velocity’s superior protocol support and performance. Their support of the Velocity infrastructure allows us to focus on making Velocity without a doubt the best Minecraft proxy in the world.

Once again, we thank Voldex Services for their sponsorship of the Velocity project.

New Moderator

We now have a new moderator, @STG_Allen. He maintains Catalyst and has been part of the community for almost a year now. Not much else to say, this was announced on Discord.

Updates on Velocity 1.1.0

The last major roadblock for the 1.1.0 release is the integration of the new adventure library. The adventure API (which is the successor to text 3.x) has not yet fully stabilized and at the moment there is no stable release of the API. Once a stable release is available, the new API will be introduced into Velocity 1.1.0 and we will begin working towards a full release.

Once Velocity 1.1.0 is released there will be no support provided for Velocity 1.0.x. This announcement serves as a warning that you must ensure compatibility with Velocity 1.1.0. As a reminder, you can get the latest builds of Velocity 1.1.0 from Jenkins.

Thank you once again for your support for the Velocity project. I’m sorry for the hectic past few weeks of pings on the Discord, and this is the last major announcement I plan to make before the Velocity 1.1.0 release.

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