KauriVPN - Anti Proxy, TOR, and VPN [FREE API]


The most accurate and lightweight AntiVPN plugin
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This AntiVPN plugin isn’t like other AntiVPN plugins, which use external databases and services not made by the developer themselves. We use our own in house API to keep things fast and well integrated. And, it’s compatible with Velocity, BungeeCord and Spigot in the same JAR!



Why KauriVPN?

We don’t use any external API’s on our backend, just our homemade special sauce for detecting VPNs, Proxies, and TOR. Not only do we have a high accuracy and detection rate, we process your queries fast in under 2ms! Our API updates it’s IP tables every 10 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about outdated information allowing bad actors on your server or blocking legitimate connections.

We have multiple regions for our API, allowing for extremely low network latency for most locations!

You can test our API with your own VPN here, or join our test server with the IP dev.funkemunky.cc.

Plugin Features

  • Optional use of MySQL databases to cache query results.
  • Exemption of individual uuids/players from VPN checking.
  • Block players based on prefix so you can exempt Bedrock players.
  • Ingame player IP lookups, with very extensive detail.
  • Get alerts when players join on VPNs!

Plugin Information


BungeeCord Versions: b1100 and newer have been tested to work
Bukkit/Spigot Versions: 1.7.10 and newer have been tested to work
Velocity Versions: 3.0.1 (current stable release) has been tested to work


/antivpn - View all commands you can use. - antivpn.command
/antivpn lookup - Lookup player IP information - antivpn.command.lookup
/antivpn alerts - Toggle your VPN usage alerts - antivpn.command.alerts
/antivpn allowlist <add/remove> <player/uuid> - Exempt players from proxy checks - antivpn.command.allowlist

Other Permissions

antivpn.bypass: Allow a player to bypass the checking/kicking for proxies.

Generated Files

license: ''
kickMessage: Proxies are not allowed on our server
cachedResults: true
prefixWhitelists: []
  enabled: false
  type: MySQL
  database: kaurivpn
  username: root
  password: password
  ip: localhost
  port: -1
  enabled: false
  - kick %player% VPNs are not allowed on our server!
kickPlayers: true
  enabled: true
  message: '&8[&6KauriVPN&8] &e%player% &7has joined on a VPN/proxy &8(&f%reason%&8)
    &7in location &8(&f%city%&7, &f%country%&8)'
bstats: true


None :slight_smile:

Free AntiVPN?

Yes, it’s free! You don’t even have to pay for an external API. Our service offers a generous 60,000 queries per month for free. If you are a server with less than 80 players concurrently, you are highly unlikely to reach this cap and won’t need to upgrade. If you start reaching the cap, you can upgrade your plan on https://funkemunky.cc/shop and insert your license into the config.yml.