LightMOTD - Lightweight, RGB, JustOneMore, NullPlayer

LightMOTD ️

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A MOTD plugin for Velocity.

Latest Build


  • Change player cap.
  • Change current player count.
  • JustOneMore
  • Null the playercount, so the current players won’t show up.
  • MiniMessage support.
  • Configurate hocon config.
  • Very lightweight: No bloat features.
  • Only shade in MiniMessage, nothing else.


LightMOTD {
    playercount {
        # The amount of players to add to your current players. 
        # Set it to 0 to disable.
        # If this is set to true, the player count will show up as question marks.
        # If this is set to true, the max playercount will always be as many players as you have + 1.
        # Set it to false to disable.
        # The max amount of players which will be shown. Set it to 0 to disable.
    # This is where you can set the MOTD. Set it to empty to disable it.
    # It uses the MiniMessage format. You can do <green>, or <#00ff00>R G B!.
    # It also parses the MARKDOWN syntax.
    text="<white>This is the default MOTD of </white><#b02e26>Light<#825432>M<#80c71f>O<#b02e26>T<#825432>D<white>.\n<reset><gray>This is a new line :P </gray><#b02e26>R <#825432>G <#80c71f>B<reset>!."

Null the playercount:




Upcoming Features:

  • An option to play around with math to define the amount of players.

Planned Features:

  • Random favicon each refresh. (can be disabled)
  • Random MOTD each refresh.
  • Retrive images from TheCatApi to set a random cat image as the favicon.