LimboAPI + LimboAuth + LimboFilter - Virtual servers on Velocity!


Library for sending players to virtual servers (called limbo)

Our plugins powered by LimboAPI:

  • LimboAuth - Auth System in the virtual server (Limbo). Uses BCrypt, has a TOTP 2FA feature. Supports literally any database: MySQL, SQLite, H2, PostgreSQL. Has “mixed auth” feature.
  • LimboFilter - Most powerful bot filtering solution for Minecraft proxies. Built with LimboAPI.

Download releases
Download dev-builds
Source code

Download or get source code
Download dev-builds
Source code

Download or get source code
Download dev-builds
Source code
Test server:

LimboFilter /vs/ popular antibot solutions:

Test server: i7-3770 (4c/8t 3.4GHz) Dedicated server, Ubuntu Server 20.04, OpenJDK 11, 16GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM, 4GB RAM is allocated to proxy.

Attack: Motd + Join + Gravity bot attack (100k joins per seconds, 1.17 Protocol)

Proxy server Info Boot time % CPU on attack
Velocity LimboFilter + LimboAuth Online/Offline Mode 2 sec 20%
Velocity LimboFilter + Offline Mode 2 sec 20%
Leymooo’s BungeeCord BotFilter JPremium Online/Offline Mode 8 sec 95%
Leymooo’s BungeeCord BotFilter Offline Mode 8 sec 40%
yooniks’ BungeeCord Aegis Escanor 1.3.1 Offline Mode 10 sec 20%
yooniks’ BungeeCord Aegis 9.2.1 Offline Mode 10 sec 100% (what?)
Velocity JPremium Online/Offline Mode 2 sec 95%

Features of LimboAPI

  • Send to the Limbo server during the login process
  • Send to the Limbo server during the play process
  • Send maps, items to player’s virtual inventory
  • Display player’s XP
  • Send Title, Chat, ActionBar
  • Load world from world files like .schematic
  • and more…

How to

  • Include limboapi-api to your Maven/Gradle project as compile-only
  • Subscribe to LoginLimboRegisterEvent to send players to the Limbo server during the login process
  • Use LimboFactory to send players to the Limbo server during the play process


  • LimboAuth - Simple usage, using special api
  • LimboFilter - Advanced usage, using plugin’s api


Your donations are really appreciated. Donations wallets/links/cards:

  • MasterCard Debit Card (Tinkoff Bank): 5536 9140 0599 1975
  • Qiwi Wallet: PFORG
  • YooMoney Wallet: 4100 1721 8467 044
  • PayPal: [email protected]

Just tested this 300+ players. Itching to checkout how it would go with big playercount, but looks good so far.

UPD: Tried 1000+ player count. Flawless.

Update: Release 1.0.1


Rewritten config system
Lombok removed


Regexp support for the nickname check
Configurable "IS_PREMIUM" URL
Hash migration mode (from AuthMe)
Better UX


Better statistics
Anti-Bot checks auto toggle, depending on the server's CPS/PPS
Ability to block clients with specified brands
Small optimizations

LimboAPI UPDATE: Release 1.0.2


    Better 1.7.x, 1.8.x support
    1.18 support
    Fix of "Too Big NBT" when reading schematic


    Feature to save and load player's UUID to/from database


    Ability to "colorify" the captcha
    Ability to prepare captcha packets
    Fix of "disconnected" spams
    Small optimizations
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LimboAPI, LimboFilter, LimboAuth UPDATE: Release 1.0.3


Better 1.7.x support
Fix KeepAlive
Ability to change gamemode
Overlaying the StateRegistry with Velocity's built-in to improve compatibility and performance
Small optimizations
Fixes of disconnect#RegisteredServer related bugs
26 base colors (104 real colors) added to MapPalette
Hooking into EventManager to improve compatibility and performance


New versions will be released separately from LimboAPI: 
BStats custom charts
/premium fixes
Database-related fixes
URL Encoding nickname to allow custom chars
Ability to set max auth duration
Drop SQLite support


New versions will be released separately from LimboAPI: 
BStats custom charts
Ability to set required colors for captcha's text
Better image rendering
Ability to set max captcha-checking duration
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Hello , this is a great plugin that provide an open and easy-to-customize way to auth and protect servers from Bots. I like it for its almost-every functions can be customized.
I wish to have your permit to share those 3 plugins to an local Minecraft forum in China called “mcbbs”. Also, I will do some translation work for Chinese users.
May I re-upload the files to “mcbbs” , or just link this page we’re reading ,or the github page you released the plugins ?
Sorry for bother you… I haven’t notice those plugins are under AGPL v3.0 before

You’re allowed to share our plugins and reupload their files on forums, if you leave a link to the github page of plugins

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