Lobby command plugin

As I’ve noticed there are still some problems with the Velocity community like this one:
There are a maximum of 19/20 plugins on the forums that are made with this API. So I’m going to create multiple plugins that people would REALLY need on their server.

This one is a simple hub and lobby command plugin :smiley:

:gear: Source code: https://gitlab.com/velocityplugins/velocitylobbyplugin
:date: Latest release: https://gitlab.com/velocityplugins/velocitylobbyplugin/-/jobs/218028056/artifacts/file/target/VelocityLobbyPlugin-1.0.jar

The config.toml exists out of just 1 line:
lobby-server = “GeslotenLobby” (rename this to your lobby server)


  • /hub
  • /lobby


  • None

Servers that use this plugin:

  • play.geslotenkingdom.nl (Dutch server)

If you want your server added, DM me.
If you have any questions, do the same :wink: