Make old proxie plugin useable till full recode?

Hey there,

we are a “small” server with about 60 Players at the time and we want to swap to Velocity for the great forge / sponge support. The thing is, we have a fully coded BungeeCord system with many many features, witch would take ages to rewrite everything + ( learn to code in Velocity (SpongAPI(?)).

I know “BungeeQuack does not intend to support the BungeeCord API. We wish to encourage the growth of Velocity-native plugins in our ecosystem.”
but it there any chance / way how we could get the proxie plugin working in Velocity, till we have a new one coded so we can fully swap? Would make my life 1000x times easier.

~ Znap

I am coding since two Weeks with Velocity, but theres no Event-API. You cant use that. Its not implemented yet.

Hey! I’ve been super busy.

@ZnapG Unfortunately, Velocity can’t support the BungeeCord API. That defeats the point of Velocity providing its own API.

@Howaner There is an event API, as com.velocitypowered.api.event.EventManager.