Minecraft 1.14, New Server Switching, Version Update, and February-April 2019 News

An update post for these months is well overdue. There has a been a lot that has happened on the project “behind the scenes”, along with things that were planned but delayed because we have very busy lives. As a result, this announcement is going to be fairly long.

Minecraft 1.14

Thanks to @Leymooo, Velocity has day 1 support for Minecraft 1.14. Velocity works well with this version of Minecraft - the only thing we needed to do was insert new packet IDs and adjust to some minor packet changes.

New Server Switching

This update has been in the works for about a month now, and the resulting branch was merged in yesterday. Velocity used to hand off to the server once the server indicated the login process had completed. Unfortunately, this behavior had a tendency to cause serious quality of life issues such as being kicked for trying to log onto a full server, along with potentially other problems.

This branch has now overhauled the process. Now, server transitions don’t happen until the server has indicated that it has spawned the player into the game. This was one of the biggest issues that we needed to resolve before a final release, and I spent Easter weekend trying to tie up all the loose ends, which was mostly successful (excepting an issue with plugin channels that was recently fixed). Now, server switching in Velocity is similar to how Waterfall and BungeeCord does it.

Velocity Moves Towards 1.0.0

As of today, Velocity is now marked as 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT. This version change very clearly indicates our desire to follow Semantic Versioning when versioning Velocity. We plan to (largely) follow the letter, except that we will be treating “minor” Minecraft protocol version bumps (i.e. 1.13.1 -> 1.13.2) as patch versions to reduce version churn.

There is no firm release date for the final 1.0.0 version. Once we release 1.0.0, we aim to continue gathering feedback as we consider new features and/or incompatible API changes.

Note to people using scripts to update Velocity: The URL to the proxy download has changed, please make sure to update it. We plan to move towards a stable download URL scheme soon.

Other Updates

There have not been very many notable features added to Velocity recently aside from the matchPlayer and matchServer methods that were added in March.

There, however, has been a lot of bug fixes ranging from fixing merely the annoying to fixing some truly insidious issues such as using the wrong time unit for timeouts and “already connecting to a server” issues.

In Conclusion

The past three months have been pretty quiet and this is the first real burst of action. I hope that I can become more active and involved as summer comes around and it blasts its oppressive heat here in Georgia! :sun_with_face: