MiniMOTD | Server List MOTD plugin with RGB gradients

MiniMOTD is a basic MOTD plugin that is compatible with Velocity 1.1.0, BungeeCord, and Spigot. MiniMOTD gets it’s name from MiniMessage, the library used to parse text in MiniMOTD.


GitHub releases (download here)
Spigot Resource Page


  • RGB Colors in MOTD
  • RGB Color Gradients in MOTD
  • Downsample RGB Colors for outdated clients
  • Randomized MOTDs
  • Fake player count
  • Just X more max players
  • Randomized MOTDs
  • Randomized Server Icon Image
    • To use, place 64x64 png files in the plugins/MiniMOTD/icons folder


# Do you want the plugin to check for updates on GitHub at launch?
updateChecker: true

  # Do you want to enable this feature?
  motdEnabled: true

  # Placeholders: {onlinePlayers} {maxPlayers}
  # Use {br} to separate lines.
  # Putting more than one will cause one to be randomly chosen each refresh
    - "<bold><gradient:black:white>----====[</gradient> <gradient:green:blue>UltraCraft <gradient:red:yellow></bold><italic>Official</gradient></italic><bold> <gradient:white:black>]=====----</gradient></bold>{br}<bold>    <gradient:#EEFF4A:#F7FFAE>Custom <italic>Survival</italic></gradient>    <color:#0092FF>Discord</bold><gray>:</gray> <gradient:#5FDAFF:#B8A6FF><italic>Ab3d5f"
    - "<rainbow>|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||</rainbow>{br}<white>Hello <blue>{onlinePlayers} <gray>/</gray> {maxPlayers}</blue> Players Online"

  # Do you want to enable this feature?
  maxPlayersEnabled: true

  # Changes the Max Players value.
  maxPlayers: 69

  # Changes the Max Players to X more than the online players
  # Example: 16/19 players online.
  justXMoreEnabled: false
  xValue: 3

# These options work on Paper Servers, BungeeCord or Waterfall based proxies,
#  and Velocity proxies.
# These options do not work on pure Spigot Servers as the API methods are missing
# Get Paper here:
  # Do you want to enable this feature?
  fakePlayersEnabled: false

  # Modes: static, random, percent
  #   static: This many fake players will be added
  #     ex: fakePlayers: "3"
  #   random: A random number of fake players in this range will be added
  #     ex: fakePlayers: "3:6"
  #   percent: The player count will be inflated by this much, rounding up
  #     ex: fakePlayers: "25%"
  fakePlayers: "25%"