MiniMOTD | Server List MOTD plugin with RGB gradients

MiniMOTD is a basic MOTD plugin that is compatible with Velocity 1.1.0+, BungeeCord, Spigot, and Fabric. MiniMOTD gets it’s name from MiniMessage, the library used to parse text in MiniMOTD.

GitHub releases (download here)


  • RGB Colors in MOTD
  • RGB Color Gradients in MOTD
  • Downsample RGB Colors for outdated clients
  • Randomized MOTDs
  • Fake player count
  • Just X more max players
  • Randomized MOTDs
  • Randomized Server Icon Image
    • To use, place 64x64 png files in the plugins/MiniMOTD/icons folder

See the GitHub wiki for configuration details