MiniMOTD | Server List MOTD plugin with RGB gradients

MiniMOTD is a basic MOTD plugin that is compatible with Velocity 1.1.0+, BungeeCord, Spigot, and Fabric. MiniMOTD gets it’s name from MiniMessage, the library used to parse text in MiniMOTD.

GitHub releases (download here)


  • RGB Colors in MOTD
  • RGB Color Gradients in MOTD
  • Downsample RGB Colors for outdated clients
  • Randomized MOTDs
  • Fake player count
  • Just X more max players
  • Randomized MOTDs
  • Randomized Server Icon Image
    • To use, place 64x64 png files in the plugins/MiniMOTD/icons folder

See the GitHub wiki for configuration details

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When I use the gradients it doesn’t show as good as in the picture. Could you help me make better gradients? gradient:green:gold this is what I am using and it is just green then halfway it changes to gold.

Wait does it not work in forge? That is ok I am just wondering if maybe that is the problem.

RGB colors should work fine with Forge, assuming you mean Forge 1.16+.

I’m just guessing but… did you try it on legacy versions? It works with no problems in 1.16.5 for me but if you use an older version (like 1.12 for example) there is no way you can get gradients to work as expected

Gradients on Minecraft versions older than Minecraft 1.16 will fall back to an algorithm that tries to find the closest possible vanilla color for each part of the gradient. There’s not much we can do about that except encourage users to upgrade Minecraft versions.

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Hey! how can i center the MOTD?
PS: Good plugin, keep up the good work