Modern Player Forwarding Support Now Available in Paper 1.13


Hey everybody! Velocity’s modern player forwarding has made it into Paper as of build #377.

The biggest advantages of the modern player forwarding include:

  • Secure: BungeeCord IP forwarding allows anyone to spoof any player, potentially allowing someone to impersonate someone with a specially-modified client if your server is not properly configured. Velocity requires the use of HMAC-SHA256 authentication to ensure that only your proxies can connect to your server.
  • 1.13 Native: The Velocity IP forwarding support is designed to be mod-friendly, especially for Forge 1.13.
  • Compact Format: Velocity sends player data in a more compact binary format, compared to the BungeeCord IP forwarding format.

To configure Velocity IP forwarding support in Paper 1.13.1:

  • Keep in mind this will deny access to clients older than Minecraft 1.13!
  • Make sure to set player-info-forwarding-mode = "modern" in your velocity.toml. We generate a forwarding-secret when you first start Velocity. You can change this value. Copy this because you’ll need it later.
  • On each of your Paper 1.13.1+ servers:
    • Make sure settings.bungeecord: false is set in your spigot.yml.
    • Set settings.velocity-support.enabled: true and settings.velocity-support.secret: SECRET-FROM-VELOCITY-TOML in your paper.yml. If your proxy is in offline-mode, you’ll also need to set false as well.
  • Restart Velocity and your Paper servers.