Modern player forwarding with ProtocolSupport not working

When attempting to log into my server with ProtocolSupport through Velocity, I get this error in Velocity:

[20:16:39 INFO]: [connected player] Xelades (/ has connected
[20:16:39 INFO]: [server connection] Xelades -> lobby has connected
[20:16:39 ERROR]: [connected player] Xelades (/ disconnected while connecting to lobby: Your server did not send a forwarding request to the proxy. Is it set up correctly?
[20:16:39 INFO]: [server connection] Xelades -> lobby has disconnected
[20:16:39 INFO]: [connected player] Xelades (/ has disconnected: Can't connect to server lobby: Your server did not send a forwarding request to the proxy. Is it set up correctly?

This is what I get in Paper:

[20:16:39 INFO]: UUID of player Xelades is cd77f29d-030c-3864-9b8a-66945e849b28
[20:16:39 INFO]: protocolsupport.protocol.utils.authlib.GameProfile(onlineMode: false, originalname: Xelades, originaluuid: cd77f29d-030c-3864-9b8a-66945e849b28, name: Xelades, uuid: cd77f29d-030c-3864-9b8a-66945e849b28, properties: {}) (/ lost connection: Disconnected

I’m using Velocity stable release, and Paper 123 (1.14.3), with the only plugin being ProtocolSupport. I have modern player forwarding enabled and configured correctly.

It is my assumption that ProtocolSupport should be compatible, considering that it is mentioned in the FAQ of the docs. Has anyone gotten this to work? Am I dumb for expecting it to?

ProtocolSupport overrides the login listener with its own; see this for the relevant code.

Unfortunately, Velocity’s modern forwarding, while included in Paper, is not included in ProtocolSupport. I will see if I can get support included, but my time is running quite short due to college work.

As a workaround, legacy BungeeCord forwarding will work with ProtocolSupport.

Got it, I thought it might be something like that. Thank you for the reply :slight_smile: