More Performance Improvements in Velocity 1.1.0

Hello everyone! I’m pleased to give you all another update on Velocity 1.1.0. We want to make 1.1.0 the best version of Velocity yet.

Performance is still my main area of focus at the moment, but I will be shifting to adding functionality soon. Since September 21st (when I wrote the initial 1.1.0 post), a few more performance improvements have made their way to Velocity:

In short:

  • We still recommend running Velocity on Linux, as this will give the best performance.
  • If you can’t do that, at least use Java 11 or above to have access to native compression.
  • Velocity still supports Java 8, so there is no need to panic if you can’t upgrade past Java 8 yet.

We are of course looking to further improve Velocity’s performance even further. I will be exploring even bigger ideas for performance in the future.

Thanks for using Velocity! I truly do appreciate your support. It’s been a very busy semester of college for me and I am in the middle of moving from an iMac to a new custom-built gaming PC (I’ll have more macOS news later as I finish that transition.)