MSEssentials | v1.0.1 | Luckperms 5 Support now available!

This plugin is still under development. If you are using this plugin, I need feedback on what bugs are still existing, Thank you in advance.

Please request any feature’s you’d like either on here, or as an issue on GitHub!



An Essentials Plugin for Velocity!



Please note, this plugin is still under heavy development, and is planned to be released ASAP.
If you have any requests, please submit them as an Issue and describe what you’d like to see implemented!

Planned Features

player /msg

cross-server teleportation (just like /tpa)

Current Features

Proxy-wide chat with luckperms support (Chat Color, Name Color, Prefix)


Proxy-wide staff chat

Chat Filter

Welcome messaging


discord intergration (Still in dev, missing topic updater and webhook)

Command Argument Permission
/ban [name] [reason] msessentials.command.admin.ban
/kick [name] [reason] msessentials.command.admin.kick
/broadcast [message] msessentials.command.admin.broadcast
/staffchat msessentials.command.admin.staffchat
/google [search entry]
/sendgoogle [player] [search entry] msessentials.command.admin.sendgoogle
/nick [nickname] msessentials.command.nickname, msessentials.command.nickname.color, msessentials.command.nickname.magic
/playerinfo [playername] msessentials.command.admin.playerinfo

Not sure how I feel about the whole “The first essentials plugin for Velocity”, but I’m glad someone else is taking this on. Feel free to pull inspiration from Neutron.

Perhaps I was wrong with that statement, which I’ll correct, but if I pull inspiration from neutron I will be sure to credit, as i did with GlobalTab

See Github for 1.0 features: Click me!

Version 1.0.1 is now released with support for Luckperms v5. If you are still using luckperms 4, please do not use this version, another version with support for both versions will be released soon.