MSEssentials | v2.0.0-BETA5


An Essentials Plugin for Velocity!



Planned Features

Integrated database support (xodus)

cross-server teleportation (just like /tpa)

Current Features

Proxy-wide chat with luckperms support (Chat Color, Name Color, Prefix)


Proxy-wide staff chat

Chat Filter

Welcome messaging


Not sure how I feel about the whole “The first essentials plugin for Velocity”, but I’m glad someone else is taking this on. Feel free to pull inspiration from Neutron.

Perhaps I was wrong with that statement, which I’ll correct, but if I pull inspiration from neutron I will be sure to credit, as i did with GlobalTab

See Github for 1.0 features: Click me!

Version 1.0.1 is now released with support for Luckperms v5. If you are still using luckperms 4, please do not use this version, another version with support for both versions will be released soon.

Version 1.0.3 has been released fixing issues with the tab and discord <-> in game chat linkage.

v2.0.0-BETA5 has been released, this version REQUIRES mongodb, Xodus support is currently in development. For permissions, see

Discord Integration will also be released soon, still working out all the bugs for it.

The git links seem to be dead?

Right now it is, im currently in the process of re-writing it, i’ll have this post updated soon.

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