MumbleLink | Auto launch for fabric client mod



This plugin should be used with the mumble-link-fabric client mod v0.7.5 (don’t install the Fabric MumbleLink mod server-side, this is a replacement). Installing this allows clients to automatically join a VoIP server of your choosing.

Disclaimer: This is my first Velocity plugin, and might not be production ready


Create a file ./plugins/mumble-link/fabric-mumblelink-mod.toml like this:

# required
mumbleServerHost = ":[email protected]"
# optional port number
mumbleServerPort = -1

# Uncomment one of these options
# registerCommand = true # auto launch with `/launchmumble`
# launchOnConnect = true # auto launch when players log in

To Do

  • Change context for multi-world support
  • Implement voipClient, mumbleServerPath and mumbleServerQuery