Neutron | An open-source essential suite for the Velocity proxy


Neutron | An open-source essential suite for the Velocity proxy

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What is Neutron?

Neutron is an open-source plugin written to try to provide the bare essentials for servers using Velocity.

How do I get it?

You can download Neutron from my GitHub:

Neutron just entered its first alpha, expect issues when using it for now

What does it offer?

Currently, Neutron offers 6 commands:

  • alert - broadcasts a message to everyone connected to the proxy
  • find - allows you to find what server another player is on
  • info - provides information regarding a player
  • glist - shows a list of all servers along with how many players are connected
  • message - sends a private message to another player
  • send- sends either a player/ a server/ or everyone to a specified server

Alongside the commands, Neutron offers 2 modules:

  • Server list:
    • Provide a custom MOTD for your server in the multiplayer server list
    • Change the max players online:
      • Static: player count will always be the number defined under max-player-count
      • Current: player count matches the number of players online
      • OneMore: player count shows the number of players online plus 1
    • Change the message shown when the mouse hovers over the online player count:
      • Message: preview will show the messages defined under preview-messages
      • Players: preview matches the vanilla server preview of showing online players
      • Empty: preview is empty
  • Announcements:
    • Announcements will be sent to all online players at set intervals
    • Multiple lists can be defined, which can run a different intervals with different messages
    • You can choose whether a list will maintain its order or be randomized
    • Each list can have a prefix, which will be added to the beginning of every message in the list

Modules can be enabled/disabled in the config.conf
All modules support reloading with the /velocity reload command


Permissions are simply in the way that all command permissions are neutron.command.{command}

For example: the permission for alert is neutron.command.alert

Lets talk about Locales

Neutron has a built in Localization manager that allows all messages to be translated per player**

** Messages can only be translated if the player’s locale has been added to neutron/locales
The English(en_US) localization is default and provided with the plugin.

To add another localization, copy the existing en_US.conf file and rename it to the name of the locale you would like to support. Note: it is easier to use the /info command on a player to figure out the country tag to use for the name of the file


If you run into any issues, please report them on Github:

I’m usually lurking around the Velocity discord if you want to chat about anything regarding Neutron