New Forums and More


Hello everyone! It’s been a fairly quiet October, aside from some PRs and some bug fixes (a lot of the real action was back in August and September). We are aiming to bring you a Velocity 1.0.0 release by the end of the month or in early November. But there are some important “behind-the-scenes” announcements we’d like to make.

New Forum

We finally decided to bite the bullet and started a forum. We expect growth to be slow at first, but anticipate the forums to grow over time.

We’ve seeded the forums with some content (such as the BungeeQuack plugin) but I am relying on everyone to pitch in!

Core Development Team

It is clear that while I can do a lot, the burden of the Velocity project can not rest fully on my shoulders. As a result, I started to look towards bringing on community members willing to work on Velocity directly.

Yesterday, @kashike became the second core developer of Velocity. He has helped out in the early stages of the project and I’m thankful for his assistance. We are of course looking for more developers to join the team. If you’re up to the challenge, we invite you to submit good pull requests on our GitHub page!

Our Sponsors

As many of you are aware, back in September we gained the sponsorship of Mineteria, a Minecraft social experience that aims to provide a highly customizable and interactive hangout spot. Their support allowed us to upgrade to a more powerful server to host our Jenkins instance and freed up resources to help run our new Discourse forum.

Notable Recent Development Activity

  • A Velocity IP forwarding support patch has been submitted to Paper for inclusion in Paper 1.13. This would make Paper the first server to support Velocity’s modern IP forwarding if accepted. A similar PR will be submitted to the Waterfall project once this is pulled.
  • Velocity gained tab list modification support with PR #105 by Desetude.

Thank You

Thanks for stopping by! This is going to be an amazing adventure. We hope to have you along for the ride.