OnTime - A playtime tracker

OnTime v0.2.0 has been released! Download here

Tracks playtime and ranks up players automatically. The non-sponge versions require LuckPerms v5. This is the perfect solution if you are currently running multiple backend servers and you want playtime/ranks synchronized, you’ll only need to install one jar (on the proxy) instead of multiple (on each backend server).

This plugin exists for the following platforms (so far)

  • Velocity
  • Sponge
  • Spigot/Paper

Simply drag and drop into the plugins folder to start using. Although OnTime supports MongoDB, it uses Xodus by default. Xodus is an in-memory database that stores data in your main server directory. To install OnTime, simply download the latest version and place it in your plugins folder. Please note that you also need to install Anvil v0.2 as well.