So I have a dedicated OVH gaming server (running Ubuntu with Java 15) with a abundant amount of ram (64GB), and I’m running a single velocity proxy with 4GB (with the recommended Java arguments on the Velocity website) with all my backend servers on another dedicated OVH gaming server. Recently I’ve been getting this error on Velocity:

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java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Cannot reserve 4194304 bytes of direct buffer memory (allocated: 4294762766, limit: 4294967296)

I heard this can be caused by a DDOS attack and I’ve confirmed I have everything firewalled properly, including on OVH’s firewall yet this is still happening. I’ve tried using the latest development build and stable but I’m still getting this error. The only thing I have installed is Luckperms, Spark, and my own plugins I’ve made so I highly doubt it’s a plugin issue. When using “/sparkv healthreport” you can see the memory steadily increasing until the server crashes and whenever I take a heapsummary of it, it performs a GC or something so I can’t see what’s occupying up the space. https://spark.lucko.me/SV6y7kc2GI So I’m not really sure what to do, I’ve also sent a ticket to OVH to make sure it’s not a problem on there end and will hopefully be hearing from them soon.