Party and Friends For Velocity Version 1.0.87

You also need this dependency in order for the plugin to run

Looking for a GUI? Have a look at the Extended Edition (You need to be logged into your spigotmc to view the resource)

  • The party system allows your players to play minigames together and chat with each other
  • The friend system allows your players to add each other as friends and to interact with them in many ways
  • You can rename commands and add aliases for all Top-/SubCommands
  • Users can set the following settings:
    • If they want to receive friend requests (useful for youtubers)
    • If they want to receive party invitations from everybody or just by their friends (useful for youtubers)
    • If they want to, that friends can see their online status
    • If their friends should be allowed to jump to them (disabled if “jump to friend” is disabled)
    • If they want to receive messages by their friends (useful for youtubers if they are recording at the moment)
  • Already translated into the following languages:
    • English (plugin intern (set “General.Language” to english))
    • German (plugin intern (set “General.Language” to german))
    • Chinese
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Italian
    • Norwegian
    • Dutch
    • Hungarian
    • If you translated the language file into your language, you can contact me so I can release that message file to all.
    • The language file is created (in either English or German depending on what “General.Language” is set to) and used if “General.UseOwnLanguageFile” is activated
  • Optional self chosen permissions (just leave the permissions in the config blank, so everybody can use the party/friend commands)
  • You can set the maximum player number per party (set it in the config to anything below 2 to disable this feature) (there is a permission that allows users with that permission to have no player limit in their parties (useful for premium players) (permission can be set in the config))
  • An msg system with /r
  • There is also an API for Spigot Plugins and also an API for PHP scripts
  • Find out more about the versions difference on the wiki page

There is also an extended version with an inventory GUI (as well for the party part as well as for the friends part). What you will also find only in the extended version:

  • The extended version has an fully configurable inventory GUI (can be disabled in config). Features of the GUI:
    • List your friend, show their online status and on which server they are on
    • Interact with your friends (jump to them (can be disabled in config), invite them into a party or remove them from your friend list)
    • List your friend requests and accept or deny them
    • View and change your settings
    • The friend GUI can either be opened by right click on the friend item (can be disabled in the config) or by typing in the command /friendsgui
  • The extended version has a hide feature with a GUI (can be disabled)
    • It can either be accessed by the command /hide or by right clicking on the hide item (can be configured and disabled in the config)
    • There are the following hide modes:
      • Show all players
      • Show only friends and people of the server team (for the plugin a server member is someone who has the permission which can be set under “General.PermissionNoHide”)
      • Show only friends
      • Show only people of the server team (for the plugin a server member is someone who has the permission which can be set under “General.PermissionNoHide”)
      • Show no one
  • Complete friend/party commands by pressing tab
  • Offline messages
  • Clickable help messages
  • The extended version does support Clans

Info ​

  • Use any command of this plugin from the command line to reload the plugin
  • This plugin works with Java 8 or higher
  • This project needs a MySQL server
  • This project won’t work on spigot or bukkit, but there is a version which works on spigot/bukkit servers
  • If you have a problem/error check this
  • If you find any bugs or language mistakes or you have any suggestions for this plugin, please send me a PM, a message via Skype (live:00pflaume) or email ([email protected])
  • There is a wiki for this plugin (not finished yet)

Support ​

If you find any bugs, language mistakes or you have any suggestions for this plugin, please send me a message via Skype (live:00pflaume), discord private chat (my name is Simonsator and my tag is #5834) or my discord server

Update Log for Version 1.0.81

  • Fixed anti spam in combination with disabled servers

Is the Velocity Version supporting AddOns & Expansions just like the BungeeCord version?

Currently it does not.

It is easier for me to Port bungeecord extensions to spigot or the other way around than it is to port extensions to velocity.

Velocity does not have a Plugin class and the Textcomponent works differently than it does on spigot and bungeecord.

Thanks for the answer.
Do you think there will be support in the future, when more people use Velocity?

If more people use velocity I may create a Party and friends own text api which would fix that problem.

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FYI: You can use the same chat component API Velocity uses on BungeeCord and Spigot. In my opinion, it’s a better API as well.

While velocities chat api and bungeecord/spigot Chat api work similar, they are not in the same package which means I would have to ship the extensions 2 times, if I am not creating an adapter to fix this problem (which I might do in a future update).

Is there an update for this or is this the latest version for velocity?

Update Log for Version 1.0.83

  • Added the command /party setting (by default disabled), which is a shortcut to /friend settings party
  • Added the command /party deny (by default disabled)
  • Changed a few Party.Command.Invite.* messages
  • Added missing German translations
  • Improved SQL performance
  • Fixed the maximum players per parties for public parties
  • Added an optional config entry “General.PartyJoinDelayInSeconds” to fix problems with some badly programmed minigame plugins
  • Added notify online status change player setting
  • Players now can decide themselves if they want to receive a notification if a friend of them joins
  • Added an option to allow player chat formatting in /msg which can be disabled under “Commands.Friends.TopCommands.MSG.AllowPlayersToUseChatFormatting”
  • Less MySQL overhead by reducing the times the server has to be accessed
  • Fixed a bug which caused /msg and /r to not use any permissions
  • Fixed setMessage for FriendMessageEvent was not working correctly

I am sorry that I did not see your message. I have n ow updated the free version of party and friends for velocity

Added support for velocity 3.0

  • Huge performance enhancements
    • Added support for HikariCP as pool which is much faster than c3p0 which is currently used
      • To use HikariCP set MySQL.Pool.ConnectionPool to HikariCP. By default c3p0 is still used
    • Faster load times of the gui if no legacy items are used
  • Added comments to the config.yml on bungeecord (The comments won’t be included until you completely regenerate the config.yml)
  • Minimized jar size
  • Added config option “General.DisableAutomaticPartyServerSwitching”
  • New error handling
    • Output an error when the sql user does not have the required permissions
  • Added Hex Color Support
    * Hex Colors can either be used by using “&x&1&2&3&4&5&6” or by using “&#123456”
  • Huge performance enhancements
  • Overhauled the data caching system
  • New API methods to support future extensions
  • Added the time zone option SYSTEM_DEFAULT to use the time zone of the local server
  • Bug fixes:
    • Corrected language mistakes in the comments of the config
    • Fixed that no event was called when a player was kicked from a party
  • Added an option to have minigame join commands by the whole party
    • This option can be activated under Party.MiniGameStartingCommands
    • This option only exists for mini-games which don’t have a bungee/proxy mode. You should always prefer the bungee mode, as it uses less performance and everybody in the party joins the mini-game, even if they are not on the same server
  • My Discord is now linked in error messages instead of Skype
  • New API methods
  • Fixed bugs
    • Fixed the deletion of party and friends accounts using pafadmin

It’d be cool to have auto completion for users for commands such as "/msg " or "/friend add "

Just a little feature request of mine :slight_smile:

This is supported in the extended version of the plugin