PingCommand 1.0 | Literally the most simple ping plugin


This plugin is the easiest most native plugin for Velocity to allow you to measure other player’s pings


Place the PingCommandv1.0.jar file in your plugins folder


There are no permissions to setup, the command can be run from either the console or the player. The main command operates as so: /ping [player] (The plater flag is optional to be run from a player but is required from the console). Running this command will show output as such: Notch's ping: 23ms.

EDIT: There are multiple aliases to the /ping command, those being: ping, pong, pyng, peng, ms, and latency.


There are no items to configure, upon request you may ask for features.


Feel free to contact me on discord at KuNet#0001 for any feature request or support request. Feature requests can be replied here.

Download Links


Feel free to contact me if the link is down or if you want an additional mirror upload.