Plan and Velocity - MySql

Hello, I’m running my proxy with Plan(Or used to before switching to Velocity). But now I have ran into a little issue… Plan and Velocity doesn’t provide MySql driver, so plan fails to load.
My question is then… How am I supposed to introduce MySql driver for plan on velocity?

Regards Stian

I don’t why the Plan author isn’t including (or dynamically downloading and injecting) the MySQL driver. It’s not within Velocity’s purview to include any database drivers, though.

Yea, well I have talked to them… But he said something about adding some support for it… So I don’t know how long that’ll take… And it is really a breaker for me… So i wish it really was included tho. I’m still using Velocity, I am still trying to get it to work. But no luck yet. But if I can’t make it work… I have to user waterfall or bungee for a while longer :confused: And Velocity looks so awesome compared tho.
But there might be a solution to make a plugin that provides MySql, but we have to rely on it starting before Plan I think. But no luck on it yet.

I was able to use Plan by injecting the mysql driver into my classpath. You can download the (current) latest driver here
Extract the mysql-connector-java-8.0.16.jar to the same directory as your velocity jar.
Then you will be able to start the server using this command:
java -cp "velocity-proxy-1.0.1-all.jar:mysql-connector-java-8.0.16.jar" com.velocitypowered.proxy.Velocity
Substitute the version numbers for your velocity version and mysql driver version.

One thing I am unable to figure out is how to set up my Plan servers on Velocity. Their wiki says to run the command on each server you want to connect /plan m setup <BungeeAddress>. Obviously this only works for Bungee, and I can’t find the command to set up a Velocity server.

This is because Plan doesn’t have velocity support, as far as I know

Interesting, I will try this out! Nice figuring this out!

Plan does have some support… But the reason it doesn’t work on Velocity is that it does not have its own MySql driver… And Velocity does not provide one as well… So there are no driver for plan to use. But injecting it like @Magi1053 says can work.

Plan now fully supports Velocity natively.

Yea, I saw. Got the notification on disocrd :smiley: