Plan | Player Analytics

Player analytics is a tool for server owners to gain more insight on how players play on their servers. It consists of a built-in webserver that displays analysis of the gathered data.

Find out when is the best time for restarts, community events as well as how they affect the playerbase. Plan, ahead.


Requirements: MySQL & Open port for a webserver

Same jar works on all platforms.
This is a port of Bungee version of the plugin. All of the Bungee documentation on Github is valid for velocity as well.

Note: I will not bump this thread for minor version updates, you can follow the project on Github for updates or join Discord for update notifications. :slight_smile:


  • Supports multiple servers
  • Offers information about players, such as when they play and how they play
  • Performance monitoring on servers with TPS, CPU & other numbers such as entity counts
  • Access to common game analytics such as daily active users, monthly active uses, as well as new player retention (on servers)
  • Allows finding the most active players with activity index
  • Data extension API for displaying data from other plugins
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