PlayerInfo - An simple plugin for global chat, tab list and ping list



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This is a very lightweight plugin for Velocity proxy.

Used API of Velocity 3.1.0, so it may only support Velocity version 3.1.0 and above, and other versions have not been tested.


Global PingList

Display the player ID on the Minecraft server list.


Global TabList

Show global players on the TabList.


Global Chat & ConnectionTips

The most basic cross-server chat function. & Simple connection tips.



# essential-playerinfo
# Global tablist

# Global massage

# Ping List
# ConnectionTips

To do list

1. Get the server list and provide a way to click to switch.

2. Let players customize the default server.

3. Add a way to customize the messages.

Release Download

You can download HERE!

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Great plugin, I like the simplicity. Would be nice to customize some of the text, like the join/leave messages. Also maybe have links clickable? Otherwise, it’s great!

Yes, this is a very good idea. Thanks for your suggestion. I put it on our Todo List. This plugin is still very early and can only achieve some simple functions. I believe we will gradually add more functions future.

How are you doing?
The chat customization (change format from [server] <name> message, to just name: message for example)
Hopefully, also supports showing ranks and/or using placeholders such as %luckperms_prefix%
Another awesome feature would be to make server groups, where if you are in a server in a group, the messages only get sent to that group.
Since this is the only chat plugin for velocity (way too many are outdated or are only bungee), I’m really looking forward to see more from this awesome plugin! :smiley: