RocketJoin - Custom Join Messages

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RocketJoin is an OpenSource plugin that allows you to create custom join messages with groups, commands on join, sounds and more.

Installing RocketJoin is very easy.

Install RocketJoin
Optional: Install PlaceholderAPI

Fully Customizable
Fast support
PlaceholderAPI support
Custom conditions like first join and permissions
Fireworks sounds and more
Bungeecord support
Hex support
Outdated Tutorial



RocketJoin 2.0

Download now by clicking here.

:white_check_mark: • New Features

Added a new conditions system

:warning: • Changes

Totally rewrite of the plugin.
Take a look here if you want to view all the changes.
Changed the configuration system. Read Upgrading to 2.0 for more information.

:top: • Upgrading to 2.0

RocketJoin 2.0 introduces lots of new features and a new configurating system.
I’m sorry but you have to reset your config.yml before enabling rocketjoin 2.0.
This may be fixed in the next version.

RocketJoin 2.1.2

:warning: • Changes

Fixed velocity injection
Relocated all libraries

:top: • Upgrading to 2.1.2

The config is the same, you have just to change the jar.