Server fallback based on permission

Currently, when a player attempts to connect to a Velocity proxy, and the connection to all servers fails, the player receives the error message for the last server in the “try” list.
Here’s the problem:

  • with all the servers connected to my proxy in the “try” list, a regular player gets the error message for a server reserved for staff members
  • I don’t want to remove these servers from the list because they allow staff members to be moved to one of the servers reserved for them when the main server goes down.

I would like to assign a permission to each server, in order to limit the servers in the “try” list to certain users. This way, regular players will be ejected from the proxy if they get disconnected from the main server and no server in the “try” list is available for them, and staff members will be moved to a server reserved for them (if they’re up and accessible of course).

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