Server not always falling back or wrong disconnect message

I’ve run into several instances where players are still getting disconnected from the proxy instead of being moved to the fallback server. One such instance is if the server process is terminated forcefully, the client gets disconnected from the proxy by velocity with message Magi1053 has disconnected: Unexpectedly disconnected from server - crash?. Obviously the server process dying should redirect the player to the fallback server.

Another thing is if the server does crash, or simply is frozen (from worldedit) and the user times out, they aren’t displayed the message (Timeout error), rather they see a message You were moved from the server you were on because you were kicked. I think this is extremely confusing to the player who things they were kicked for something they did. It should always display the same message the user would receive if they were not connecting through velocity.

Looks like the " Unexpectedly disconnected from server - crash?" disconnect is really a bug, thanks for catching it. I’m fixing it, but the real fix is to not have your server processes crash.

As for the generic You were moved from the server you were on because you were kicked message, typically providing the user technical information about what happened is usually counter-productive, as the only person who can realistically act on the information is usually the server administrator. I’ve fixed this in 1.1.0 so that explicit kick reasons are shown, but providing the user technical details of why the connection failed (like a read timed out) is confusing since the information provided can only be acted on by server administrators.

Thanks for looking into the first issue. Obviously that’s not something that I would normally do, and there are other things on my modded server that have caused that same error message. Killing the process was just the easiest way I could replicate the issue for you to debug.