Setting up a lobby server with portals to other servers

Hey, I’m really new to setting up non-vanilla servers and to velocity. I’m currently working on getting a lobby server set up, that allows you to go to the other servers in my velocity network. I know that players can change servers with the /server <server> command, but I’d like to set up some fancy portals, possibly with command blocks. I quickly found out that the server command doesn’t work with command blocks. I’d guess that’s because when a player sends the command, it gets intercepted by velocity, and the PaperMC server doesn’t even see that command being run?
So basically, how would I go about setting up portals to other servers?

There’s a plugin called Advanced Portals which lets you create portals to other places and servers. I’m not sure what other options there are, but I use this plugin on my servers and it works.

Im trying to figure out how to handle this sort of thing with the modern non bungeecord protocol.

Im hoping to use fabric but would setup a spigot if i needed to. but everything i see uses the bungeecord protocol.

I’d love to code up a plugin for fabric that would allow for interaction with velocity for server changing.

The Advanced Portals plugin for Spigot works for me on Velocity, probably because it uses the /server command which works on both Bungeecord and Velocity. As for Fabric, I’m not seeing anything that does that.

do you know if you’re using player-info-forwarding-mode of modern? or bungee? because my understanding from the server compatability is that Spigot requires you to support the bungee backwards compatability instead of the modern.

I’m using the bungee legacy mode (not modern). I don’t think Spigot works with modern, but Paper does.

Still trying to find a way to do this since Advanced Portals does not work with Velocities “modern” forwarding, with paper 1.16.4 servers.

It works! But you must set destination to travel

I’ll look into it, currently I have setup Citizens NPCs with Catalyst player destination server permission restrictions via LuckPerms. But thanks for the tip.