StopEndAlias 1.1 | Bind the stop command to end!


This plugin works in a very simplistic manner. This plugin was intended for the Velocity users who host their Velocity instance on a server host that sends the /stop command to the server to terminate it. This plugin simply makes /stop do /end but only if it came from the console. This in effect makes it so that the Stop button on most server hosts actually stops the server.


Place the StopEndAlias1.1.jar file in your plugins folder.


Feel free to contact me on discord at KuNet#0001 for any feature request or support request. Feature requests can be replied here.

Download Links

v1.0 MEGA.NZ
v1.1 MEGA.NZ Fixed minor typo with plugin startup message

Feel free to contact me if the link is down or if you want an additional mirror upload.