StreamLine - An Essentials Plugin For Velocity [ 1.7 to 1.18 ] - v1.0.14.6

Source Code:
Supported Languages: French, English, Dutch (Soon!)
Download Link: CLICK

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  • LuckPerms 5.0 or higher.
  • Java 16 or higher.
    • If you are using PebbleHost.


  • ViaVersion latest!
  • Geyser latest!
  • StreamLine Helper!
    • Put on your backend servers. i.e. Your Spigot / Paper servers.
    • This allows for cool features regarding the actual Minecraft (Spigot / Paper / Etc.) servers. i.e. Teleportation to the exact spot of a player or staff, and getting the display names of players on those specific servers.

Streamline was a useful and powerful essentials plugin for BungeeCord, Travertine, or Waterfall; And I have now ported it to Velocity!
It offers:

  • Fully configurable Discord bot. Look in the Discord Setup / Help section!
  • Commands! Look in the Commands / Permissions section!
  • Guilds! Kind of like how Hypixel has their guilds. Complete with guild levels and XP.
  • Parties! A lot like how Hypixel has their parties.
  • Version-specific server blocking. It will block players trying to connect to a specific server using a blocked version for that server. Versions from 1.4 up to the most recent snapshot.
  • Lobbies. Choose where you want to send players determined by their version.
  • Events! Look in the Custom Events section!
  • All of this with a (decently) fully configurable config so you can do whatever you want with the plugin. I am going to strive to keep it completely configurable.

Discord Setup / Help

What it can do:

  • Staff can chat from Discord to Minecraft staff chat (and from Minecraft staff chat to Discord)
  • See who is online.
  • See which servers have how many players online.
  • Report from Discord to Minecraft staff and from Minecraft to Discord staff. Option to have it ping Discord staff.
  • Be able to chat to different servers on your network through Discord without installing any fancy plugins on those servers or messing up chat. Totally customizable. All with one simple command: .channel
  • Discord to Minecraft verification. You can give roles, take roles, and change the player’s Discord username when someone verifies. This allows the plugin to use that player’s profile instead of just using their Discord username, when chatting from Discord to Minecraft.
  • Have different consoles for different types of plugin information outputs: guilds, party, ban, ipban, mute, kick, proxy chat.
  • Allow Discord members to use commands based on roles.


  • /stream (puts a link in chat when you are streaming).
  • /globalonline (shows who is on which server divided by rank).
  • /staffonline (shows which staff members are online).
  • /guilds (shows which guilds are cached).
  • /parties (shows which parties are cached).
  • /evreload (reloads the events).
  • /btag <list | add | remove> (edits bungee tags of players).
  • /sspy (toggles social spy).
  • /gspy (toggles guild spy).
  • /pspy (toggles party spy).
  • /bsudo (runs a command as another player).
  • /staffchat (sends a message to staff chat).
  • /l (sends the player to a specific server).
  • /stats (shows you a print out of a player’s information).
  • /guild <join | leave | create | promote | demote | chat | list | close | disband | accept | deny | invite | kick | mute | warp | info> (command for guilds).
  • /party <join | leave | create | promote | demote | chat | list | close | disband | accept | deny | invite | kick | mute | warp> (command for parties).
  • /report (reports anything).
  • /plugins (shows the server’s bungeecord plugins).
  • /ping (shows the player’s ping).
  • And much, much more!

Custom Events

Events! An event engine so you can do custom events.
Wiki on this:

How to Install

Download file.
Drop into your Velocity’s plugins folder.
Start and stop your server.
Fill out configs where necessary.
Start server again.

Extra Help

Look on the wiki:
Get in touch on Discord:
Submit a bug on the issue tracker (I probably won’t be as fast as if you talk to me on Discord though | This should be a last resort):

Haven’t tried it yet. But it looks like the holy grail. It just has the features I really need

That’s what I’ve been hearing from a lot of people. :slight_smile:

Just updated the download link to have the latest version. :slight_smile:

Just updated with a fix. :slight_smile: