Tic Tac Toe | Play Tic Tac Toe | Clever Name

Add a tic tac toe to your player’s server lists!


  • a domain name, and a DNS provider that allows for “wild card” subdomains.
    eg *.sub.example.net

  • velocity proxy (obviously). Support for PaperMC is coming soon, although Spigot is not supported as it’s API does not include the necessary components


  • Download the plugin from here, and add it to your /plugins folder

  • Restart your server, and the plugin will generate the required files.


  • find the config.json (or config.yml if you use paper) file in /plugins/hovertactoe/
    – (For velocity) Note that this is not a JSON file, but it is a HOCON file. I’ve left it as JSON as it is fairly similar, and most people will get syntax highlighting

  • Locate the "Domain" = "example.com", and replace it with the domain you have configured with the wild card record.
    – For example, if you wild card record is *.sub.example.net, replace the value with "sub.example.net"

  • For testing purposes, I recommend you set "Log" to true. You should disable this later.

  • Restart the server.


  • add "play.your.domain.net" to your server list. In our example, this would be "play.sub.example.net"
  • Refresh the list
  • You should see instructions to edit the server ip in the MOTD of the server in the list. Edit it.
  • The rest should be self explanatory. If you need support, find it here


  • this plugin is still in a beta. if you find bugs, please report them on discord. link here.
  • as of now, the tic-tac-toe AI is bad. A better AI will be coming in the next few days, so be sure to check back.- AI FIXED! as of now, it plays perfectly. Going to add difficulty soon.
  • Changes to the config may happen, so be sure to check for that.

Update 2/6/21:

  • support for PAPERMC added (Spigot I cannot support, as it doesn’t contain certain API features.)
  • version 2 of plugin released, containing mainly a better (perfect) AI, and a few other small changes.
  • Find both v2 and PaperMC version at the same link :]
  • reduced file size
  • TO-DO:
    • match make between players to allow for playing against another player!
    • small UI changes, other QOL features.