TitleAnnouncer | A plugin to send announcements with MiniMessage format

TitleAnnouncer WorkFlow Status Version

A lightweight plugin to send Titles, Actionbars, Bossbars and Chat messages with MiniMessage format to Paper 1.17.1+ servers and Velocity 3.0.1+ networks.



  • Ability to send announcements by using titles, actionbars, bossbars and chat messages.
  • Send announcements to users in the same world you are in.
  • Send announcements to a specific user.
  • Send announcement to yourself.
  • Send announcements to a server on your network.
  • Gradients/Hex colors support
  • Use of the MiniMessage format throughout the plugin, allowing the maximum possible customization.
  • Announcements with PlaceholderAPI support on Paper and forks
  • Velocity proxy support
  • Own useful placeholders in Paper and Velocity
  • Send sounds along with titles, actionbars and bossbars in Paper and Velocity. In order to use sounds in Velocity, you must install Protocolize.

Requires Java 16+

Check the wiki for more information

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