UnifiedMetrics - Fully-featured metrics collection agent for Minecraft servers

UnifiedMetrics is a fully-featured free and open-source metrics collection plugin for Minecraft servers. The source code can be found on GitHub.


  • 1.8+ Spigot servers
  • Velocity


  • Server metrics collection (TPS, MSPT, Players, Plugins)
  • World metrics collection (Entities, Chunks)
  • Events metrics collection (Player flow, chat, pings)
  • JVM metrics collection (Memory, CPU Load, Threads, Uptime)
  • Extensible API (Custom metrics, measurements, metrics driver)
  • More features upcoming (Logging to ElasticSearch, etc)


Downloads can be found here


  • Add the plugin to your plugins folder.
  • Configure the plugin.
  • Restart the server. (NOTE: Reload is not supported and may cause issues)


Currently, InfluxDB is required to collect metrics.
We recommend using an internal network for InfluxDB.


server = "main"

enabled = true
driver = "influx"


url = "http://influxdb:8086"
bucket = "unifiedmetrics"
influx = "influx"
password = "influx"
interval = 10 # Interval in seconds

Data visualization and analysis

We recommend using Grafana as it provides highly customizable diagrams.
Grafana provides out-of-box support for InfluxDB.

  • Add InfluxDB datasource to Grafana
  • Import our dashboard
  • Configure the dashboard and set up alerts (optional)

Version 0.1.1 is out!


  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvement
  • Refactored API

hello I from to tw
i dont use Grafana and InfluxDB
Can use videos tutorial?

This looks awesome, been looking for something like this to tack resource utilization per server. Is it possible to bring up the dashboard remotely if I’m running my server on a Debian root level cloud host service?

Yes, UnifiedMetrics is just the metrics collector. Meaning you can set up InfluxDB and Grafana to your liking.

Unfortunately, you cannot use UnifiedMetrics without InfluxDB at this moment. There’s currently no video tutorial available. I would recommend setting up InfluxDB and Grafana using something like docker-compose.

Version 0.1.2 is out!


  • Bug fixes
  • Added MSPT Metric
  • Updated Grafana dashboard

Migration guide
Migration guuide can be found here