Using 1.8 and 1.15 servers

Hello, is there a possibility to use 1.15.2 Servers together with 1.8?
Because i have difficulties with the forwarting. If i do Legacy, i can join with 1.8, if i do none or modern, i can theoretically join on 1.15 (didn´t work) but not on 1.8

You can use legacy for both 1.8 and 1.15.

If i use Legacy, i only can join the 1.8 servers, by joining the 1.15 Server, i get the message, that i have to join via velocity, is there maybe something wrong i configured on the 1.15 Server?

You configured the 1.15 server to use modern forwarding. Disable it and use BungeeCord legacy forwarding instead.

Can´t find Option to disable it, and where do i have to activate bungeecord legacy forwarding…

The documentation explains all you need to do. Do the reverse of setting up modern forwarding then follow the instructions to set up legacy forwarding.

Problem solved:
Forgot to turn off the online mode :confused: