VBans | Ban your players!


Ban your players.


VBans is a complete tool to handle player banning on your Velocity server.

It contains:

  • Banning
  • Tempbanning
  • Kicking
  • Ban/Kick History
  • Checks the players override permission even if the player is offline (if luckperms is installed)

It saves to History to a mysql server.

How to install

  1. Drop the jar file (found in releases tab on github) in to the plugin folder.
  2. Start the server
  3. Stop the server
  4. go to plugins/vbans/config.toml and change the mysql connection details
  5. Start the server


Command What is does Permissions
/ban <player> [reason] Bans a player permanently VBans.ban and VBans.ban.reason
/tempban <player> [reason] Bans a player for a specific time VBans.temp and VBans.temp.reason
/kick <player> [reason] Kicks a player VBans.kick and VBans.kick.reason
/banhistory Shows the ban/kick history of a player VBans.history and VBans.history.seeDeleted
/delban [ban id] Deletes the players active ban or the selected ban out of the history (if the history reader does not have seeDeleted permissions VBans.delete
/reduceban [time] Reduces the players ban to a given time (from ban begin on). If no time is given the player will be unbanned directly. This will not delete the ban out of his history VBans.reduce
Prevents the player from being kicked/banned VBans.prevent
Lets the player receive messages when a player was banned VBans.bannedBroadcast

Difference between /delban and /reduce

I developed these commands to get used in different situations.

/delban should only be used if the server made an mistake by banning the player (e.g. The player could prove that he was not hacking)

/reduce or /unban should be used if the server forgives the player (e.g. the player wrote a ban appeal)


Source Code: https://github.com/strifel/VBans
Please report any issue you find (on github).

If you have any problems or you are missing a feature please contact me.

You should prefix/suffix the commands that there’s /ban for single server bans and something like /gban for network-wide bans

I added that Feature.
In the newest release there is now a config option which adds a g prefix to the commands.
So gban, gtempban…

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier, but thanks for adding that feature