Velocity 1.0.0 Has Landed!

As of today, Velocity 1.0.0 has been released. This is an important milestone in the project’s history: for the first time, we have a build we can say is ready for production usage. Of course, we couldn’t have gotten to this point without the assistance of our contributors and sponsor, Mineteria.

This release has been in the making for nearly eleven months, and has been truly battle-tested for a while now.

Velocity 1.0.0 is only a baseline for us. Future releases will improve upon the strong foundations laid down with 1.0.0, and we will continue to work with our users and plugin developers to ensure that Velocity meets the unique needs of every server well.

Javadoc and Maven Repository Moves

The Velocity 1.0.0 API is available at The Velocity 1.0.0 Javadocs have moved to, and the current base URL will be removed in the future.

Other Changes

We will be introducing a downloads API in the future. Until then, build 149 on the Velocity CI is Velocity 1.0.0. We are committed to getting the downloads API out when it is feasible.

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