Velocity 1.0.7 Released

The Velocity team is pleased to release Velocity 1.0.7, featuring several bug fixes. All users must update. (If you’re on 1.1.0, we’ve cherry-picked the relevant changes.)

This release is a re-issue of 1.0.6. 1.0.6 lacked the actual fix to the security issue, which I apologize for.

In the past few months, there have been proxy crashers affecting every major Minecraft proxy. I have had a fix for most of them since February but held off due to concerns about stability and impact on players. Now that the issue is due to be resolved upstream (it is a Netty bug) and I’ve ran the fix for a while, it is prudent for us to get this release out ASAP.

There are a few other Velocity-specific bug fixes.

As usual, you can grab the build from Jenkins.

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Another great fix for Velocity!

Thanks for the fix.